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REK - Fluid Cleaner


The Fluid Cleaner is individually available in basket dimensions and process steps in different standard designs, as well in special solutions. The cleaning is realised by the help of modern technology using total or partial vacuum, filtration and ultrasonic depending on the application. The cleaning media can be hydrocarbons and modified alcohols, like Dowclene 1601, according to classification VbF AIII.

Since many years, the Fluid Cleaner systems were responding to more and more demanding cleaning criteria.


Outside and Inside 




  • Convincing cleaning-, degreasing- and drying results to satisfy highest requirements          
  • Pollution free technology, due to an emission poor system, enabled by closed medium cycle and filter drying process
  • Reduced consumption of cleaning media due to a continuous distillation
  • Classification in category 1 of water peril (lowest level)
  • No residue of special waste or used water
  • Reduced operating costs: approx. 50% less than similar CHC-systems approx. 70% less than similar water based systems
  • High safety standards for inflammable media
  • Low maintenance expenditures
  • Compact construction
  • Case and pipework made of stainless steel
  • Independent of location: only electrical power and compressed air are required
  • Cleaning test in the factory in Murrhardt are always possible
  • Easy financing with very attractive interest are available through our leasing company