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RC Cleaner -     

The ideal precision cleaning unit for electronics, optics and precision engineering




The precision cleaning unit RC Cleaner is ideal for precision cleaning and vapour degreasing or pure particle removal of electronic components, glass, metal or plastic parts and implants.

Individual customized solutions are available based on the size of the components and the desired throughput.



MRC 250       RC 350M

              RC 250 A                                                                         RC 350M


Precision cleaning media 


The 3M Novec Engineered Fluids (hydro-fluor-ether, short HFE) have been developed for the cleaning of sensitive materials in replacement of CFC, HCFC and other solvents. The HFE are non-flammable fluids predestined for a precision cleaning and a drying without traces. The HFE is able to open new opportunities for the precision cleaning in the application areas of electronics, mechanics and optics.

The use of HFE is authorized by the German law under the restriction that the mass flow doesn’t exceed 30 grams per hour. The precision cleaning systems RC CLEANER on the basis of co-solvent / HFE decrease the emissions under the authorized level of the German law of 30 grams per hour. 

RC Cleaner 500

RC 470

The cleaning of products takes place in an immersion cleaning
unit using
3M and a co-solvent.



A well-balanced heating and cooling system in conjunction with ultrasonic cleaning, comfortable controls, etc. guarantee high process reliability and cleaning quality.

The process is completed by continuous distillation and reprocessing of the3MNovec (HFE) Thanks to these features, the system is able to clean off ultrafine particles in a wide range of applications, making this unit interesting for a great number of application areas.



 schematic diagram


Basic configuration


  • 2 electrically heated immersion baths
  • Internal water separator
  • Molecular sieves
  • Vapour cleaning area
  • Drying area
  • Freeboard
  • Suspension device for manual loading
  • Automatic door locking of the baths
  • Up to three cooling units with separate cooling circuits
  • Automatic defrosting process, fill level and temperature monitoring
  • PLC controlled system
  • Integral catch pan with leak alert sensor
  • Separated and heated prewashing bath
  • Automatic loading unit
  • Variable ultrasonic with 2-level frequency sweep
  • Pressure flooding
  • Basket stacking with transponder
  • Basket identification
  • Special carriers
  • Enclosure          
  • Remote unit maintenance through modem
  • Tanks
  • Automatic fill and drain system of the cleaning products
  • Refreshing system of the co-solvent
  • Roller conveyors, stainless steel
  • bypass filtration
  • ESD-protection


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